How to Trade Mark a Name - Registering an EU Trade Mark


Trademark registration is the way to own a brand name. In this video course, I show you step by step what to do to register an EU trademark.

Registering an EU trademark is a cost effective way to secure the rights in your brand name across 28 EU countries.

If you want to register your own EU trademark, bear in mind the downsides of not having expert guidance. When people file their own registrations they often make mistakes resulting in failed applications, or applications that don’t give them the right scope of protection. So , they risk finding not having the necessary rights in a name when they need to rely on their registration. So, unless you have significant time available to sift through the EUIPO’s resources to learn how to file an effective application, you’re in danger of not securing a good trademark registration, or even having a failed application.

Now with the benefit of this course you can quickly find out the essentials and receive guidance to file your own EU trademark application.

Also, you can ask questions in the comments section and have the reassurance that there is somewhere to ask questions even after you’ve filed your application. Many people don’t understand questions raised by IP Offices after they’ve filed their applications, and so don’t respond properly, thereby losing their entire application sometimes. As a student of this course, you have the benefit of experienced guidance.

Trademark registration is the way to own the name of your brand, to stop competitors using it, and to preserve your market share. It can also help avoid infringing on the rights of others.

Once you have a name you plan to use as your brand name, registering a trademark avoids potential costs that arise when two businesses use the same branding. It significantly reduces the risk of disruption and expensive legal challenges. However, it is important to ensure your business is properly protected as the quality of the registration will impact your rights.


In this course you will learn:

  • Why Incorporating a company or registering a domain does NOT give you the rights you need over a name.
  • Why Trademark registration is the most reliable way to secure rights in your names, taglines and logos.
  • Why Your name or logo must be “distinctive”
  • How Trademark registration protects your brand for the specific goods and services sold by your business which is why it is possible for businesses to share a name.

How to Trade Mark a Name - Registering an EU Trade Mark


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