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Frequently Asked Questions about Legally Branded Academy 2.0

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The Legally Branded Academy 2.0 supports every business to use processes to protect its IP as it starts, grows and prepares for exit. The processes identify IP situations and inform you what actions to take. This might be to provide a template to others to sign, or show you some searches to do, or instructions for how to go about certain situations. The processes flag up situations where you may need to have deeper conversations or involve lawyers. The course is like having your own in-house lawyer to advise you what to do and when, and prevents you overlooking important IP issues or making incorrect decisions once you incorporate the processes into others you may have within your business, such as to induct team members.

Yes, it is a process based course that is universally relevant to every business whether it has a big idea to implement or is simply running every day and coming up with new marketing initiatives or creating new offers. It is how to protect a business, so every forward-thinking entrepreneur, creative and thought leader needs it.

The detail of advice and support the course provides would require your lawyer to first think about and then produce all the advice you might conceivably need. It’s just not feasible and you would get a fraction of the advice and guidance that the course offers by visiting a lawyer. What’s more one visit to a lawyer would likely absorb the entire cost of the course. The course is not designed to replace lawyers. It is designed to give you access to the information and support you need in order to take IP into account in all the decisions you will be making at the start of protects and every day, that have an IP impact on the business. 80% of the protection you need in business is down to you taking the right actions early on. You will still be able to use lawyers, such as to create your own bespoke agreements to use instead of the course templates, or to register IP rights for you, or to do more extensive clearance searches.

Yes you need to check whether there are any gaps in the actions you’ve previously taken, double check the name you’re using won’t be at risk of infringing on third party rights and much more. It’s clear from the decision in Skydrive that even a registered trade mark does not protect you against trade mark infringement.

You often don’t know what you don’t know. So, you can only search for what you know you need to search for. Even then, you may not have enough information and existing background knowledge to know how to apply a search result to your situation correctly. The Legally Branded Academy 2.0 is a risk management course focused purely on intellectual property protection and management. Much of the information in it can’t be find on google, or if found could be inaccurate or out of date.

The course has been developed with the benefit of 15 years’ understanding of what businesses need to know and apply, so it’s tried and tested processes you will get access to in order to protect your assets, and avoid the risk of  legal liabilities. It isn’t worth gambling with the future of your business when it’s so feasible to manage risks and opportunities so you can get on and build your business on solid foundations.

Test Legally Branded Academy 2.0 out RISK FREE… and if you decide it’s not for you, let me know within the first 30 days and you’ll get 100% of your investment refunded.

The course is essentially about identifying IP situations and using processes to address those situations. As such it’s universally relevant for most of the modern world.  Although many of the examples use UK law, the principles are the same in other common law countries at least, if not everywhere. So, the course is, in principle, suitable for a worldwide audience, no matter where you’re located, or what type of business you run. It’s a business course about intellectual property rather than a law course. Intellectual property is an international legal subject and there are many treaties in existence between nations worldwide, such as the Berne Convention. This means that intellectual property terminology like patents, designs, copyright and trademarks, have a similar meaning globally. There are also international mechanisms in place for protecting intellectual property worldwide, so even where a right is territorial, such as trademarks, there are treaties in place which enable you to start the process off by getting international priority protection for up to 6 months from the date of your initial filing.

This is not a course about doing your own legal work at all. It is simply a business course to alert you to the decisions involved in business which require particular care from an IP perspective. Also, you can combine your own understanding by training your team so that the processes and your team do the work. You simply need to make someone in your organization responsible for IP. Everyone, even a solo business owner has access to another licence to delegate some of the work to a team member. For example, I share my screen with you to walk you step-by-step through what you need to know to do things like international trade mark searching using publicly available databases, and how to work out classification of trademarks when choosing a new name. This is so straightforward, you can simply delegate the process of searching to an assistant. Then once you have a final name you can ask a lawyer to do more extensive searches before you adopt the new name and register it as a trademark.

You should watch the parts of the course that are of most interest to you and come back later to the rest. As the core 3 IP rights of confidentiality, trademarks, and copyright are universally applicable, you should focus on those as a priority initially. Also you can always watch the course videos at 2x speed so this will help you go through the course faster.

Provided there are no complications, applications for UK trademarks take about 5 months to process. EU applications can take twice as long.

We offer the course combined with consultancy through Azrights solicitors so do get in touch if you think this might be of more interest.

 This course is not about the provision of templates albeit some are provided. In fact you should get your own templates. The course is more about using processes to protect your IP.

No the course is not designed to teach you how to register your own rights. Instead it is designed to show you how to protect your IP through the very choices you make, such as of names, and how to do some basic due diligence checks on the name, including worldwide, so you can satisfy yourself that you’re not infringing on anyone’s rights. Thereafter you may still want to ask a lawyer to check the name for you, or to register your trademark for you. If you do want to register your own trademark we do have a standalone course on how to do this which you can enquire about by sending an email to [email protected]

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