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Legally Branded Academy

£390.00 GBP

What you’ll discover when you join the Legally Branded Academy


  • How to protect your methodology and other valuable business assets
  • Why you may not be the owner of the copyright on work you have commissioned (and how to ensure ownership is always in your favour and never overlooked)
  • How to do due diligence on names for new products or your business
  • The right time to call in the lawyers on a trade mark search (and when you absolutely shouldn’t, or you’ll waste your money)
  • The questions you need to ask every supplier you hire to protect your interests
  • Why you need to educate your team in basic IP knowledge to avoid costly copyright infringement claims
  • The exact trade mark classes that apply to your business (and the #1 user-friendly tool you can use right now to check)
  • Why you should never look for crowdfunding without the right legal protection for your idea (and what to do about it)
  • Why an NDA won’t help you if you’re looking for investment (and the right alternative that will increase your chances of getting investment)


Invest in Legally Branded Academy today and receive these three bonuses


Bonus #1 - How to Trade Mark A Name

This gives you all the detail you need to know about names in a handy form. This is further supplemented within Legally Branded Academy with guidance giving you step by step “how to” instructions for doing the right due diligence on names before you ever involve a lawyer.

Bonus #2 - How To Protect Your Brand

This gives you practical steps to ensure your brand name is sufficiently protected using my proven process when working with clients in my law firm. With this resource you can assess how well protected your brand is and identify any issues, so you address them appropriately.


Bonus #3 - How to Do Your Own Intellectual Property Audit

Released to you in week 5. It provides instructions, a checklist and templates to do your own IP audit of your business.

If you identify deficiencies, there is information about how to address the common ones. Should you be aiming to one day sell your business, an audit is advisable. Intellectual property issues can take a few years to sort out, so it’s a good idea to resolve matters well in advance of a sale if you’re to avoid seeing a drop in price or risk losing a sale altogether.


Just start now and test it out. If it’s not for you, cancel anytime in the first 30 days.

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