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Why invest in learning How to Trade Mark a Name?

  • Helps you to avoid the common mistakes people make when handling their own trade mark registration work
  • Avoid risking a failed application, and complete failure to secure any protection
  • Save the legal fees, and get exclusive rights over your name by handling the work yourself 
  • Trade Mark registration is the most reliable way to secure rights in your names, taglines and logos
  • Ensure a quality registration so your business is properly protected.

    Why spend hours that you don’t have trying to figure out by yourself how to register your own trade mark, when you can get expert guidance from a lawyer in this short course?

Meet Shireen Smith

Shireen Smith is an entrepreneur with two businesses. She is also a lawyer and founder of a successful law firm, Azrights  with deep knowledge of the marketing aspects of setting up new brands and trade marks. She is a bestselling author on Amazon of two books on intellectual property Legally Branded and Intellectual Property Revolution. She is also a trained journalist. As well as advising top blue chip companies like Reuters Shireen has supported hundreds of SMEs to protect their business assets and brands when launching, growing and exiting their businesses. Under her separate business, Azrights International Ltd she offers training courses in positioning, intellectual property, branding, and brand building. So she is well placed to integrate marketing with intellectual property to help businesses to build strong differentiated brands for their products and services.


          How to Trade Mark a Name - UK/EU                01:35:00
1. Introduction Video 00:04:50
2. 5 Crucial Points About Trade Marks 00:24:19
3. Getting Ready to File your EU Trade Mark 00:07:54
4. Classification of Goods and Services    00:10:19
5. UK Trade Mark Application    00:16:35
6. Preparing Your Application      00:09:16
7. Start Your Application 00:20:05
8. Some Final Comments 00:02:26

Frequently Asked Questions about Trade Marks

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How to Trade Mark a Name - Registering EU and UK Trade Mark

Step by step guide for Registering EU and UK Trade Mark

How to Trade Mark a Name




Testimonials about Shireen Smith

"Shireen is a gifted lawyer, extremely able and bright. She is not only a great orator, translating difficult points in a clear, understandable and concise manner but also possesses the detailed forensic skills required from a legal professional dealing with your intellectual property. She knows her law and knows her business. In getting to know her clients, she uniquely combines all three to maximum effect and can guide a client through the process of fully protecting their property rights. A strong character, real professional and great networker. Strongly recommended."

Rob Killeen
Director at Capital Fortune Ltd

"Shireen is an expert in Intellectual property law and I strongly recommend any business owner to consult with Azrights to bulletproof their brand. Shireen has also published Legally Branded, an outstanding book on brand law that is a must-read for every small business owner."

Jacqueline Biggs
Founder of Blue Lemons

"We took some short advice from Shireen some time back over a slightly complicated IP issue. We received very clear and focused advice to help us take the next step ourselves. Highly recommended specialist."

Amit Sharma
Director of Solve, The Business Lawyers

"After receiving two recommendations for Shireen through social media channels (from entrepreneurs for whom I hold great respect) for help in navigating the issues relating to design rights and trademark registration, I contacted Shireen."

Kim Tasso
Strategy consultant. NED. BD/marketing trainer. Executive coach. Author.

How to Trade Mark a Name - Registering EU and UK Trade Mark

Step by step guide for Registering EU and UK Trade Mark

How to Trade Mark a Name




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